“I purchased my sixth property last month and I worked with Rick for the first time and I felt that for the first time, I was working with a professional realtor. Rick was so thorough and so concerned about the sale and about everything working out well. He drove the transaction to completion and even after the sale was finished, he still checks to make sure things are going well. To put the icing on the cake, I live out of town and I needed a friendly honest voice in LA to help me in the purchase and Rick was there every time to represent me and to be my advocate. I would never buy or sell a property in LA again without getting Rick involved. I have never experienced his level of service or professionalism in a real estate transaction before.”

-- Dr. Keith Hasday,
Periodontology & Dental Implants

In 1994 Rick Beck assisted in the sale of my home. Rick was extremely professional with excellent knowledge of my local real estate market. He was able to not only meet - but exceed my expectations as a Real Estate Broker. After 19 years I am still in that home and all of the brokers in my area know that if I ever decide to sell my home that I would only list it with Rick Beck

-- Adrian Benditson

"My Wife and I met Rick 1988. We were in the process of selling our condo that we bought in 1986. Newly married and terrified we just happened to walk in where he was working at the time and started talking with him. He was so helpful and honest that we couldn't have him sell our condo cause we were already working with someone else. Needless to say after we sold the condo we have never used another real estate agent again. Our family has bought over 10 properties throughout the years. And we still own the income property that we bought in ’88. Rick is honest,patient,knowledgeable and professional. I've recommended him countless times and the outcome is always the same. I doesn't matter if you're buying your first home,condo or income property. He will always give you the best advice.... period. Knowing Rick for close to 30 years he has also become a great friend.”

-- Bruce Witkin,
UNISON Music Director of A&R / Staff Engineer ~ Producer / Label Coordinator

"We listed our home in La Crescenta with Rick in July 2014 as we were moving back to our northern CA home. We met Rick through a recommendation from our future son-in-law's parents. His knowledge of the market and strategy for sale were impressive - we followed his advice and had 2 offers above listing price within a week of open house. He guided us through offer/counter-offer process and escrow close in 30 days. His advice was invaluable and he is a genuinely good guy - we now count him among our friends in southern CA.“

-- Mark Fischbach,
Developmental Engineering Consultant

Rick Beck came highly recommended to me by a most discerning and particular friend. He worked diligently to help my elderly mom rent her home and was absolutely tireless in his efforts. He was very caring and offered useful advice to problem solved our special circumstances. I wholeheartedly recommend him!

-- Ronni Minnis

Rick Beck is one of the best real estate agents I've ever met, and my mom is a real estate agent so I know what it takes. He sold my condo in record time, working with me to figure out the right pricing and making sure I understood everything. While that was a wonderful experience, I watched Rick work with my best friend over two years to help her find the perfect property for her - never giving up, never acting like he had done enough, never acting like her requests were unreasonable, and always treating her like a million dollar client, even though she wasn't. That's Real Estate at it's best! I would hire Rick in a heart beat.

-- Camille Cellucci,
Independent Film Producer

"I have bought several properties with Rick Beck and I can honestly say he is the best in the business. In the future I hope to work with him again. Honest, friendly and have recommended him to all my friends. It's nice having someone so knowledgable to help make buying a home a wonderful experience.”

-- Suzanne Allison,
Suzanne Allison Photography

I worked with Rick 16 years ago when I searched for and found my first house. He's an incredibly personable, knowledgeable, and friendly guy. In 2012, when it came time to look for our next house, I decided to work with Rick again and it was a great decision. He gave us honest opinions and feedback on the properties we searched, and when we found the house that we wanted to buy ($2.5M fixer), Rick helped in so many ways with a very difficult seller and a house that has some unusual issues. Rick really knows how to work a deal and provided us with tremendous value; he's always looking to defend and support his client. I would highly recommend Rick Beck to any prospective buyer or seller.

-- Robert Corzo,
Entertainment industry financial professional

Rick Beck has been my realtor in Los Angeles since 2003. He has bought and sold three homes for me since then. Without question, Rick is the smartest, fairest broker that I have ever hired... and I trust his judgement completely. Whenever I have doubts about what the market is doing, Rick always knows best. Each time that I trust in his judgement, i am rewarded with the sale or purchase that I wanted. My last transaction was a sale for $1.4M, which closed an hour ago. Rick said it would close at $1.4M well before he accepted the sale assignment. That's what we needed. That's what we got. And we got it in 3 days. Our transaction before that sold for EXACTLY what Rick said we would get. His way got it sold FAST! As a CEO who is always on the run, Rick understands my complex international schedule and finds ways to streamline my part of the closing process while away from fax machines. The reason that we always hire Rick is that he seems to know EXACTLY how to get a home sold or bought faster and smarter than other brokers. He's a pragmatist who knows his business. A lot of realtors will simply tell you what you want to hear. Rick will tell you what you need to know and you can bet on his instincts, as I have always done. Most people hire their realtor for a single transaction. I hire Rick for every transaction. I simply cannot envision ever working with another broker. There's nobody half as smart as Rick in the LA market. If you're considering him for your transaction and want to learn of my first-hand work with Rick, please don't hesitate to call me at (310) 600-9622. I don't offer testimonials on Yelp! even for my favorite restaurants. But Rick is the best in LA and I would stake everything I know about buying and selling my homes on this man's instincts and reputation.

-- Jak Severson,
Thoughtful Media Group, CEO

Rick Beck helped me purchase my first home.. ever! He has remarkable patience and guided me through every step of the terror of being a first time buyer. He really made it a painless experience and I felt as though he protected me as if I was part of his family. Plus we had a load of laughs! Rick brings a special kind of personal service to his work.

-- Jacquie Barnbrook,
Actress / Producer

After an extensive search, Rick Beck found a beautiful house for my daughter. He made it all seem easy. He shepherded the entire process and was able to handle the problems associated with a short sale and was able to close escrow in an amazingly short time. He is personable and easy to work with, plus every house he showed was a winner. I give him my highest recommendation.

-- Julie Roberts, CPA

Rick has sold 2 of my properties and assisted me with buying my last. His attention to detail, strong communication skills, as well as his strong sensibility makes him the best realtor and friend.

-- Dr. Jessica Romeyn

Rick Beck and I have worked together for approximately 17 years. During that time he has represented me on 50 to 60 projects. That list includes the marketing and sale of condominium projects, high end custom homes, leasing of high end custom homes. He has also represented me in the acquisition of all types of development projects. Including a 30 acre site that became an exclusive gated community off Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills. That said, I have the utmost respect for his business knowledge, ethics, professionalism, work ethic and his attention to detail. I also call him a close friend!

-- Lawrence Lazar,
Pacific Edge Development

Rick Beck has represented me on numerous transactions and has excellent skills in terms of pricing/valuation, marketing, negotiation and closing. His team is comprised of consummate professionals and I intend to use him again in the future, whether buying or selling. He has a very good handle on his market, is well connected and pleasant to work with.

-- Barbara Mancovsky,
Nationwide REO Brokers

Rick is fantastic. I've used him on a few transactions and have found his knowledge of the market, and his understanding of my needs to be invaluable. He's been doing this for a long time and it shows. He's rode the LA market up and down and seen enough booms/bubbles and down markets to really know the score. His estimate of what my property would go for was spot on, and his estimates of what homes I've put bids on were also always extremely accurate. He's got great relationships with mortgage people, and is always great for referrals to honest service people as well. On top of all that, he's also a really good guy. Rick can't be beat.

-- Thomas Danon,
Produce/ Editor

"Late last year my fiancé and I decided to buy a new home. Rick Beck took the time to educate us about the neighborhoods we were interested in and the real estate market in general. He was very patient while we explored our options. We had some very specific requirements and tirelessly scoured the market to find us our house. He was patient with us as it took us several months to get our head around the process. His ability to work through the obstacles that come up with every deal, be solution oriented allowed us to find our dream home. His ethics, his dedication and his knowledge made our experience so pleasurable.”

-- Patti Renick,
Dental Administrator