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14 Jul
Our Dream Pool Checklist

Our Dream Pool Checklist   The summer months are perfect for lounging by the pool. Backyard pools are convenient for when you need to relax, but an over the top oasis are more fun to dream about. The Rick Beck Real Estate Team shares our take on the all-around fantasy pool.   Rick Beck Dream

07 May
Pantry Organization 101

Pantry Organization 101   The pantry can easily become overcrowded and messy because of its frequent use and turnover. The pantry stores everything from food, to cutlery and storage bags, which makes it an easy target for quick messes. This week, The Rick Beck Real Estate Team decided to put together a crash course in

16 Apr
How To Add Tile To Your Home

How To Add Tile To Your Home   Tile is a sturdy, decorative accent that can easily transform a room. Today The Rick Beck Real Estate Team helps you tackle how to include tile throughout your home! Our favorite uses include: Flooring: The traditional use for tile is flooring, but traditional doesn’t mean boring! We