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14 Jul
Our Dream Pool Checklist

Our Dream Pool Checklist   The summer months are perfect for lounging by the pool. Backyard pools are convenient for when you need to relax, but an over the top oasis are more fun to dream about. The Rick Beck Real Estate Team shares our take on the all-around fantasy pool.   Rick Beck Dream

04 Jun
Fireplace Makeover

Fireplace Makeover   The fireplace is a statement in any room. What happens when yours is out of date? The Rick Beck Real Estate Team has the solution! Making over a fireplace can be transformed into a simple task with these easy tips.   Fireplace Makeover Tips:   Add Stone: Adding stone to a fireplace

05 Mar
Buying Secondhand Furniture

Buying Secondhand Furniture Thrifting has become very popular in recent years and for good reason! Shopping for furniture is usually a costly chore that ends with buying something that is mass produced. Secondhand furniture is a great way to affordably incorporate unique pieces into your home! Affordability Buying secondhand means that you are essentially bargain-hunting.