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18 Mar
Creating a Fool Proof Listing

Often times when listing a home, homeowners make several errors when putting their home up for sale. There are four particular ways in which homeowners sabotage their own listing without even realizing it. Understanding the things that make a listing susceptible to “haters” is an important step before listing: Here are the most common things buyers hate

25 Jan
Home Buying This Winter

Good news for sellers, there are some indications of an early start to the 2013 season as buyers hurry to get off the sidelines before home prices and mortgage rates go higher. If you were thinking of selling or buying a home, you are not alone. There has been an abnormally high increase in people

20 Nov
Relocating? How to Find Your New Home

Relocating for a new job or wanting to start a life in a new place can be an exciting venture. However, it can be challenging to find a new home when you are unfamiliar with the neighborhoods and area. There are several steps buyers can take to find the perfect piece of real estate for

02 Nov
FICO Scores and Home Mortgages

We’ve all seen credit score commercials, which are usually categorized by cheesy jingles and songs. No matter how unbearable these advertisements may be, understanding your credit score is important. When you apply for a home loan, most lenders want to know what risk they’d taken by loaning money to you. FICO scores are the credit

17 Aug
How to Choose the Right Realtor

-How to Choose the Right Realtor- Find out how to choose the right realtor when buying or selling a home. When choosing a realtor, it is crucial to ensure that you choose the right realtor to guide you through the home buying or home selling process.  The Beverly Hills, Sunset Strip and West Hollywood real