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26 Mar
Spring Cleaning Your Home

Now that spring is officially here its time to start thinking about spring cleaning. By following this simple spring cleaning checklist, you can get your home organized in no time. Here is our guide to spring cleaning your home: To revive drab drapes, take them down, remove hooks and run them through an air-fluff cycle in the

12 Mar
Creating the Ideal Mudroom

Whether you track in mud from outside or sand from the beach, a mudroom can save you both time and hassle from cleaning all the rooms you may have tracked in all this dirt and debris. Creating an ideal mudroom can help make your life tider. Here is our guide for creating the ideal mudroom

04 Mar
Splurges That Pay Off in Your Kitchen

Even in a challenging economy, kitchen renovations top the list of value-adding home projects. Update wisely by splurging on the right updates so you can save money on the rest. There are a few areas in your kitchen when splurging on certain items makes sense. Here is a list of items that are worth the

15 Jan
5 Ways to Revamp Any Room

While catalogues can often show off beautiful homes, sometimes following these ideas exactly can create a sterile-like environment. While great decorating can showcase your home, its important that the home actually looks like a home and not a stage set. Here are a few suggestions to help you transform any room in your home: Add Plants

30 Jul
Staging Techniques for your Home

-Window Dressed- Enhance your home’s value with these staging techniques A first impression is key, especially within the real estate market. Therefore, enhancing your home’s curb appeal and decor is crucial to optimizing a positive return on your investment. The best technique to improve your home’s appeal requires experienced assistance from a professional home stager.