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29 Jul
Front Door Checklist

Front Door Checklist   Making a good first impression is important. Your front door acts as the first impression of your home – is it saying what you want it to? This week, The Rick Beck Real Estate Team helps you make sure your front door is greeting your guests the correct way.   Front

21 Jul
Easy Garage Door Update

Easy Garage Door Update   If you are looking for an affordable way to boost your curb appeal, remodeling your garage door may be the answer. By changing up the color, applying hardware or adding in windows, you can achieve a look that stands out from the rest of the block. This week, The Rick

04 Jun
Fireplace Makeover

Fireplace Makeover   The fireplace is a statement in any room. What happens when yours is out of date? The Rick Beck Real Estate Team has the solution! Making over a fireplace can be transformed into a simple task with these easy tips.   Fireplace Makeover Tips:   Add Stone: Adding stone to a fireplace

07 May
Pantry Organization 101

Pantry Organization 101   The pantry can easily become overcrowded and messy because of its frequent use and turnover. The pantry stores everything from food, to cutlery and storage bags, which makes it an easy target for quick messes. This week, The Rick Beck Real Estate Team decided to put together a crash course in

16 Apr
How To Add Tile To Your Home

How To Add Tile To Your Home   Tile is a sturdy, decorative accent that can easily transform a room. Today The Rick Beck Real Estate Team helps you tackle how to include tile throughout your home! Our favorite uses include: Flooring: The traditional use for tile is flooring, but traditional doesn’t mean boring! We

12 Mar
Spring Decorating Tips

Spring Decorating Tips   Spring decorating is a fun and easy way to jump start the season! Surrounding yourself with pastel colors, flowers and reminders of all things spring is a great way to fill your home and heart with a little bit of sunshine.   Here are the Rick Beck Real Estate Team’s ideas