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28 Mar
Easter in Beverly Hills

Easter is quickly approaching and many of you may be looking for local places to grab brunch with the family or looking for egg hunts. No matter what your plans include here is our guide for celebrating Easter Sunday in Beverly Hills. The Beverly Hills Hotel  The famous Polo Lounge will be serving a family

26 Mar
Spring Cleaning Your Home

Now that spring is officially here its time to start thinking about spring cleaning. By following this simple spring cleaning checklist, you can get your home organized in no time. Here is our guide to spring cleaning your home: To revive drab drapes, take them down, remove hooks and run them through an air-fluff cycle in the

21 Mar
Real Estate Market Update

With March coming to an end, we can now provide an update on how the market preformed for the month. The national housing market is showing positive improvement. Home prices continue to rise steadily, higher than year-ago levels. Low levels of inventory is common in many regions across the country.  The market has shifted more

18 Mar
Creating a Fool Proof Listing

Often times when listing a home, homeowners make several errors when putting their home up for sale. There are four particular ways in which homeowners sabotage their own listing without even realizing it. Understanding the things that make a listing susceptible to “haters” is an important step before listing: Here are the most common things buyers hate

15 Mar
Where to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Forget about Friday or Saturday night. This weekend, Sunday is the day, and the night, to go out and have a good time. Why? It’s St. Patrick’s Day, of course, and all  bars and restaurants are hoping to get in on the fun. The activity isn’t limited to drinking either, as there are also places

12 Mar
Creating the Ideal Mudroom

Whether you track in mud from outside or sand from the beach, a mudroom can save you both time and hassle from cleaning all the rooms you may have tracked in all this dirt and debris. Creating an ideal mudroom can help make your life tider. Here is our guide for creating the ideal mudroom

06 Mar
Organize Your Garage

Do you leave your car out all night, exposed to the elements, falling limbs, vandals and thieves while a collection of junk rests safely inside your garage? You may be surprised to learn that organizing professionals estimate that only 30% of us store our cars in the garage according to This Old House. The reason many

04 Mar
Splurges That Pay Off in Your Kitchen

Even in a challenging economy, kitchen renovations top the list of value-adding home projects. Update wisely by splurging on the right updates so you can save money on the rest. There are a few areas in your kitchen when splurging on certain items makes sense. Here is a list of items that are worth the

01 Mar
PaleyFest 2013

Starting today until March 15th, PaleyFest 2013 will be happening in the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills.  PaleyFest is a unique opportunity to ask questions to the actors and creative teams behind your favorite shows. According to the PaleyFest website the lineup is the following: Friday, March 1: The Walking Dead Saturday, March 2: Revolution Sunday, March

28 Feb
This Weekend in Beverly Hills

Another week, another weekend. If you are looking for something to do this first weekend of March then look no further. Our weekend guide will be sure to provide you with a variety of different activities and events that are happening in Beverly Hills and the surrounding area. Here is our suggested weekend guide: Saturday