Front Door Checklist

Front Door Checklist


Making a good first impression is important. Your front door acts as the first impression of your home - is it saying what you want it to? This week, The Rick Beck Real Estate Team helps you make sure your front door is greeting your guests the correct way.


Front Door Checklist:

  • Design: Take a look at the door itself - is the shape complimenting the rest of your home? If you are searching for a drastic change to the front door, check out this style guide. Swapping out the design of your door may be the only change you needed.

  • Color: The front door is a center of focus when it comes to curb appeal. Does the color of your front door catch attention? The trick to choosing the right color is to define what mood you want your home to have. Don’t be afraid to incorporate bright colors, they will make the boldest impact.

  • Window: If there are side windows, make sure you have added the correct window treatment. If you aren’t one for curtains, try adding frosted glass for a unique way to add privacy and style. If you want to add windows to the door itself, make sure they are double-paned for security.

  • Decoration: A simple way to add your own style is to add a little decoration. Oversized house numbers have become quickly popular. A seasonal wreath whether DIY or purchased in the store can add a sense of season and easily be changed out. Always look for ways to add without overdoing it.


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