Mailbox Makeover Ideas

Mailbox Makeover Ideas


Are you always looking for a way to improve your home’s curb appeal? The mailbox is a good place to start. Mailboxes are often overlooked home accents that are easy and affordable to update. This week, The Rick Beck Real Estate Team tackles different ways to makeover your mailbox.

Mailbox Makeover Ideas:

  • Style: There are many styles of mailboxes - don’t be afraid of exploring your options! Play with the placement of your mailbox for added design control. A simple change in facing can add a unique and noticeable touch. Just remember to abide by your local post office laws.

  • Mailbox Post: A difference in color can do wonders for the look of your mailbox. If you are looking for more of a dramatic change, build a stone post. The stone and metal compliment each other to make a piece that truly stands out from the rest of the street. Remember to add your house number!

  • Plants: Landscaping can help draw attention to your mailbox. Plant some flowers at the base of your post and surround with short garden fencing for a touch of sophistication. This attention to detail is easily achieved by either planting directly into the ground or into a ceramic planter.

  • Customize: Your mailbox is just another place on your property to describe yourself. Add your own design to enhance your style influence. Spray paint and stencils work well on metal. Mailbox covers are a good way of changing design with little commitment. They are easily removable and work well to change with seasons.

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