DIY Window Seat

DIY Window Seat


Ever dreamed of having a place to read next to the window in your home? A window seat helps bring coziness and a romantic feel into modern interiors. Simple and elegant, they enhance interior design with texture and color; blending functionality and unique design ideas in comfortable seats with a nice view. This week, The Rick Beck Real Estate Team shares how to make your own for an affordable price.


5 Steps to a DIY Window Seat:

  1. Choosing Your Window: Window seats are versatile and create beautiful, secluded, custom-made window nooks in any room. It is great for bedroom and kid’s room decorating, as well as hallway and entryway designs. If your window does not already come with a space to fill, make sure you have room to include your own bump out.

  1. Deciding Functionality: A big factor in creating your window seat is finding a way to add to the space instead of take away. A comfortable small storage bench for books and toys, or a large bay window seat with cushions and storage shelves are inviting and beautiful, adding personality to modern interior design in any style.

  1. Building: If you would like to add a window seat to your modern interior design, find simple bench seat design tips. From there, make your seat and decorate it with cushions to create soft and pleasant feel in your room. If you are looking for an easy fix, add in a ready made bench and paint or stain it to match the room.

  1. Adding Cushions: After you have installed your seat, make it comfy with a homemade seat cushion. This is where you can add your own style with fabric selections and pillows. A window seat with cushions will look fabulous in your kitchen breakfast nook and dining room.

  1. Enjoying: After you have built your window seat, make sure to enjoy the space you have created. Add curtains to create a little more privacy. Speakers and shelving can help make the space a little more homey as well.

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