Our Dream Pool Checklist

Our Dream Pool Checklist


The summer months are perfect for lounging by the pool. Backyard pools are convenient for when you need to relax, but an over the top oasis are more fun to dream about. The Rick Beck Real Estate Team shares our take on the all-around fantasy pool.


Rick Beck Dream Pool Checklist:

  • Resort Design: The first point of a dream pool is to look like it belongs in a fancy resort instead of a personal home. The sure sign of  luxury is a lagoon shape and expensive tiling.

  • Walk In Entry: When your pool has a gradual entry, it gives a luxurious feeling that few backyard lagoons provide. Walk-in entries are favorites of ours because they make wading easy and are perfect for laying out no matter your height.

  • Waterfall: A pool with waterfall makes you feel closer to nature - and when you’re closer to nature, you’re further from reality. There is something about rushing water that makes for a peaceful escape from the real world.

  • Indoor Element: Indoor pools are uncommon, which makes them something to fantasize over. Dreaming of an indoor oasis but not wanting to part with the square footage? Look at these hidden indoor pools.

  • Built in Seating: Rafts are overrated - check out these built in pool chaise lounges. This is the perfect way to lounge luxuriously. A built-in bar makes relaxing even a little bit easier.


Don’t forget the firepit! Warming up after a day of swimming is important. Check out these fire pits for around the pool when your day of fun is over.


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