Personal Space: The Man Cave

Personal Space: The Man Cave


Everyone needs their own personal space. This week, The Rick Beck Real Estate Team shares ideas on how to create your own haven.


The Man Cave is a classic addition to the home focusing on everything “man”. Traditionally, this means any and everything involving sports, alcohol and decorations women find tacky. It is the sole space where a man is allowed to fully express himself and what means the most to him. This week, we share some ideas to help create your own.


Man Cave Staples:

  • Electronics: The bigger the TV, the better life is in the Man Cave. Entertainment is the top priority to the space. Take a look at these examples of large screen TVs taken to the next level. Make sure your sound system is up to par with these tips on the best bluetooth surround systems and where to place speakers.

  • Memorabilia: In the Man Cave, decoration is a statement. Creativity in displaying personal interests is welcome - and even encouraged. Try your hand at DIY projects like this in home bar, a beer bottle coaster or even sports jersey pillows. If you prefer ready-made projects, check out these man cave decorations.

  • Comfort: Lounging is a necessity to relaxation. The perfect chair or couch is imperative to enjoying the room. In a Man Cave, styles do not have to match, they just need to feel right. Think big and soft, and you cannot go wrong. Our favorite lounging space is this oversized sectional that includes an actual bed.  Nothing is ever too much in a Man Cave, let your imagination and dreams run wild. A kegerator is a welcome addition.

The Man Cave is a special place to hang out and relax in the comfort of your own taste, style and home. Do you have your own Man Cave? Share pictures of your personal style with us @sellslahomes    

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