Personal Space: The She Shed

Personal Space: The She Shed


Everyone needs their own personal space. This week, The Rick Beck Real Estate Team shares ideas on how to create your own haven.


Nestled in the safety of your own backyard, She Sheds have been sprouting up as a woman’s version of the “Man Cave”. The She Shed ranges in looks based on the purpose of the space and the woman it is for. Typically made from a converted tool shed, the space is just large enough for some alone time in the comfort of the woman’s style.



  • Fitness: Having a space to yourself is important for fitness. With the She Shed, you only need space for one - perfect especially in regards to meditation. Here is a list of things to make your own yoga studio. If you are looking for a unique design, this Japanese Lantern design backyard yoga studio stands apart from the rest.

  • Art: The She Shed is perfect for crafting because it is a personalized space that is very quiet, usually well lit and cozy. These are all essential for creativity. An easel is perfect decoration for the chic space because it adds a sense of creativity and will be useful for painting projects.

  • Relaxation: Acting as a perfect reading nook, the She Shed is an easy excuse to get away from everyone and be in the comfort of a quiet room. With barely enough room for a couch, the space is perfect for solo time. By adding a comfy couch, some blankets and some relaxing music, the space may turn into the perfect napping spot.


Stay tuned for Thursday as we dive into The Man Cave - both classic and updated styles.


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